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Health and Wellness PROGRAMME




Our ProgrammE

KW AccessAbility's Health and Wellness Programme is designed to provide adults with varying physical abilities the opportunity to improve their health, lifestyle and physical fitness. 

The programme enables participants to become more knowledgeable and more aware of their fitness and healthy living needs - to empower them to become more proactive toward reaching their goals as they relate to health and wellness, and overall lifestyle changes.

Participants work with the Programme Coordinator and appropriate facilitators, to determine their individual goals. They will achieve, recognize and share their personal bests, as they challenge themselves, and each other, to learn new skills and hobbies.

Healthy lifestyles are achieved - and maintained - through continued effort and the opportunity to nurture the mind, body and spirit.

Beyond fitness classes, KW AccessAbility's Health and Wellness Programme facilitates education and cooking programmes to promote healthier nutritional decision-making.

KW AccessAbility's Health and Wellness Programme supports physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.

For more information, please contact our Health & Wellness Coordinator, by email or by calling our office at 519-885-6640.