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As we contemplate the future, it seems only appropriate to reflect upon our origins and the efforts of all those who have contributed so much to who we are today. K-W Access Ability has come of age. Over the past twenty years we have experienced tremendous growth and undergone many significant changes.

From its very inception the objective of K-W Services for the Physically Disabled was to identify and respond to the needs of people with physical disabilities in the community. Today, the focus of the agency and of our programmes has expanded as the needs of the community has changed, but the underlying objective has always reminded the same. All those who have been involved with the agency over the years, Volunteers, Members, Staff, and Board Members have been pioneers, contributing to our evolution.

K-W Access Ability is a non-profit Information and Resource Centre committed to providing an environment that supports self-determination for physically challenged people, based upon the principles of choice, equality, co-operation and mutual respect.

We exist today, as a union of the finest traditions of our past, our response to the issues of the present and aspirations for the future.

Access Ability reflects a focus on peoples' abilities and our continued efforts to support individual personal development. We provide a context for people to grow in, determining their own path and direction.

The challenge to those involved with Access Ability is to accept the responsibility for our belief in:

  1. The fundamental rights of all people regardless of physical ability.
  2. The active involvement of persons with physical disabilities as full participants in any efforts on their behalf.
  3. The equality of all people.

These principles serve as the foundation, challenging us to actively participate in the community and dedicated to the fundamental rights and equality of all people.

Access Ability works through the involvement of everyone as equal participants in the pursuit of a common objective.


Chris B. Hodnett
Executive Director

"A Community of Equal Access and Equal Opportunity"


  • 1989 Member Survey Conducted Bowling
  • 20th Birthday Celebration
  • Forum on Women with Disabilities
  • 1990 First Wheelchair Hockey on Ice Dinner Theatre
  • Florida Connection - NHL Oldtimers Recreation Committee
  • Agency begins support of International Women's Day events & fundraising TDD installed
  • Access Awareness Week Mall Displays Skating at Xmas Party Typing, Faxing, Photocopying Service
  • 1st Annual Hockey School "Wheels on Ice"
  • 1991 1st Annual WLU Charity Ball DAWN Benefits Agency Advocacy & Social Change
  • Extended Office Space Video Screenplay "THE BUTLER DID IT"
  • P.H.I.R.S.T. LINK expands services - the four main categories are assessments, information & system consultation, training and support, and technical support
  • Access Awareness Week Mall Displays
  • "Access to Awareness" offered
  • 1st Annual "Corene Hamill Spirit Award"
  • 1992 Access-Ability hosts Bowling Group expands
  • "Free Income Tax Clinics" - (2 teams)
  • Agency sponsors DAWN K-W
  • Agency lends support, space to Chronic Pain Group
  • First deaf members elected to Board of Directors
  • 3rd Annual "Wheels on Ice "Hockey School expanded to two (2) days
  • Agency hosts informational evening on "Charlottetown Accord"
  • 1993 "Tri-City Storm" play Toronto Maple Leafs at the Gardens