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Information and Referrals


Our primary purpose at KW AccessAbility is to advocate for persons with physical disabilities.  Our programmes help give you the information and tools you need to thrive in the Waterloo Region.

Our Goal

To provide information and support to persons with physical disabilities as well as their families and service providers, in order to facilitate their desired level of participation in the community.

Our Promise

To provide timely access to up-to-date, accurate information regarding community services and resources.

To advocate with and on behalf of persons with physical disabilities and their families.

To educate the community concerning physical, social and attitudinal barriers experienced by persons with physical disabilities and what part community members can play in eliminating these barriers.

To work with service providers ensuring all people receive the services they require in a respectful, meaningful and timely manner.

How We Help You

Our staff, including the Executive Director who has lived experience as a person with a physical disability, respond to phone, fax, email, as well as drop-in enquiries in a timely, respectful manor.

Our resource centre houses free public internet access computers which are totally accessible to all people regardless of physical ability. They include screen reading programmes for those who are blind or partially sighted.

We provide short-term consulting regarding psycho-social issues of concern.

We are continually pursuing new contacts with community resources and services, while continuing to strengthen existing contacts.

We actively pursue partnerships with service providers, and collaborate with other agencies to provide the most up to date information, and to develop accessible programmes.