Our Focus

We witness on a daily basis the impact of aging on the health of persons with physical disabilities.  According to health experts, aging is not normally accompanied by significant medical problems until after 70-75 years of age, however people with physical disabilities show these problems 20-25 years earlier.  It is well recognized that persons with physical disabilities have a higher number of secondary health problems compared to persons without disabilities.  

These conditions include hypertension, pressure sores, high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illness and osteoporosis. We also have a growing concern for the wellness of the Baby Boomers who turned 65 in 2011 and will triple by the year 2040, according to the American Hospital Association.

Persons with physical disabilities continue to be marginalized socially, physically, educationally, and economically.  This situation impacts not only the person with a physical disability, but their entire family network and ultimately the community as a whole.  They may feel frustrated and helpless, stress levels can increase and many suffer from depression.  Persons with physical disabilities who suffer from health issues also tap community health resources.

The goal of KW AccessAbility's Health and Wellness Programme is to support the health, fitness and nutritional needs of adults and youth with physical disabilities in a safe and inclusive environment, where they feel accepted by their peers. In keeping with the model of wellness as a life habitat, our participants become happier, mentally stronger, increasingly confident, more fulfilled individuals, who are better able to participate in and contribute to the strength of the larger community as productive citizens, consumers, and advocates.

Our focus is to develop a programme that promotes active living and enhances physical and mental health through various educational and interactive workshops in order to receive their full benefit. This programme is designed to accommodate participants of all ages and abilities by providing the following 2 streams:

Your Interests! Your Goals! Your Choice of TWO Streams!