Students At Computer Desks

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The PHIRST LINK Accessible Computers & Information Technology Programme of Kitchener Waterloo AccessAbility was established on June 5th of 1985 as a community information resource service on computer literacy and assistive or adaptive technology for adults with physical disabilities.

Previously located in Waterloo Towne Square, and then the former Knights Of Columbus building on University Avenue, and now located in the Ray of Hope building, at 659 King Street East in Kitchener, PHIRST LINK COMPUTING has served as a core programme of Kitchener Waterloo AccessAbility almost from the beginning, and has established a strong infrastructure over the course of the last three-quarters of the agency's 40 year history.  Ronald Bruce Fleming succeeded the previous PHIRST LINK Manager, Jane Carr, in November of 1996.

PHIRST LINK COMPUTING has complementary educational and vocational streams.  For example, computer instruction for adults and seniors teaches adults with physical disabilities, and seniors experiencing age-related limitations, such things as how to manage and organize home finances, family photographs, travel plans, personal correspondence, and personal record keeping, as well as how to access on-line information and government services. On the other hand, computer training and employment readiness offers computer literacy instruction on Windows and the Microsoft Office Suite to help put adults with physical disabilities on a level playing field in the employment arena.