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Healthy Living Stream


Our Healthy Lifestyle stream includes the implementation of healthy lifestyle practices that are achievable and easy to maintain. This stream will provide both individual and group support for living a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition seminars and workshops


Participate in our free health promotion programmes which focus on healthy eating, personal wellbeing and social interaction. Enjoy learning with others and meeting new people! And get an innovative healthy snack at every session!

Cooking classes

Participate in our free cooking demonstrations once a month at a community kitchen or cooking classes at the agency that focus on cooking healthy meals while staying within your budget.

Cooking for fun

Join us for an exciting cooking class with fun themes and activities focused around food, cooking and nutrition. This class provides stimulating, innovative, exciting ways to encourage interaction and communication while eliciting random acts of laughter!

Roll up your sleeves, put on an apron and work with your friends in an enjoyable, fulfilling and creative manner. It's a hands-on team cooking experience.

Fun Days Out

Getting involved in projects within your community is hugely rewarding. KW AccessAbility organizes field trips to the farmer's market, recreational facilities and health fairs in the community to create awareness of local foods, how to eat a balanced diet, shopping for healthy foods, spending less on groceries and storing food safely. Enjoy it all in the company of new friends!

Some of the places we have been recently:

  • St. Jacob's Market.
  • Kitchener's Farmers market.
  • Grocery tour at Zehrs Market.
  • Healthy living event at YMCA.
  • Health forums at Independent Living Centre.