The Employment Challenge

Posted on Thursday July 03, 2014

The employment landscape has changed dramatically, and in a relatively short time. Hours, work-role expectations, employee availability, access to training and development…are all among the aspects of today’s employment picture that were so different a few short years before.  In this strained economy, for those of us with or without a disability, looking for work continues to be a challenge, while others with at one time lucrative, long-term jobs with long-living companies – are being, or have been down-sized, or their positions have been decided obsolete.

And what does a person with a disability face as a result of these changes, and challenges, when an already limited scope of their employment picture graduates to bleak?

Persons with disabilities can only perform certain types of jobs, given their physical challenges. Issues such as work day hours, transportation, physical accommodations, and even attitudinal barriers are among the concerns of employees with disabilities. Knowledge, and continued, proactive awareness of what is happening in the workforce, will only empower us.

The issues concerning employment for people with disabilities and other must be uncovered, communicated, and heard from all perspectives. Considerations would include employees (and of course potentials), employers, individual workplace environments, among others. Beginning the discussion will encourage more extensive and ongoing dialogue and viewpoints from all stakeholders – and proactive steps.

Working together to uncover and/or create opportunities for viable, progressive and sustainable employment is one way to strengthen our communities – and in turn one another, regardless of our (dis)abilities.


Written By Brandy Duchesne