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($10,000 & UP)

The Presenting Sponsor of the KW AccessAbility golf tournament will be limited to one sponsor only. That sponsor will enjoy all the benefits listed below and any others that are agreed upon by the sponsor and KWA sponsorship committee.


* Naming right to golf tournament: The (sponsor name) Annual Golf Tournament in support of KW AccessAbility

* Sponsor name / logo on ALL materials related to the golf tournament including; media, websites, posters, any printed signs, awards, advertising and any other promotional items produced by KWA

* Sponsor name / logo on the cover of the program

* Presenting sponsor name / logo will always appear 1st, on top and in the largest font

* Representative of the sponsor will be given an opportunity to speak at the banquet

* Presenting sponsors may include approved samples, flyers or other materials agreed upon into the golfer gift bags

* A large sign (3ft x 6ft) at the registration area with the sponsor name / logo KWA golf tournament

* Golf with carts, lunch and dinner for up to 8 people

Please contact the Golf sponsorship committee for more information at 519.885.6640 or info@kwaccessability.ca