History, 1970

1970 - Promotion of Independence: Agency becomes independent and joins the K-W Federated Appeal


I graduated form the University of Waterloo in May of 1976 with a Honours Degree in Kinesiology and a burning desire to go to Teacher's College with my true love, Jane, and conquer the world as the "greatest phys ed teacher this side of the Rockies".

However Teacher's College was four months away and it was getting too warm to ski. I contemplated the U.I.C. Ski Team idea for the summer until my next door neighbour, Carol McGiffen, asked if I would like to help her run the Summer Programme for

K-W Services. Well before I knew it I was having an interview with Dr. Joseph Levy from the University of Waterloo Recreation Department (who was on the Board of K-W Services at that time) and I guess somehow I managed to impress him enough to get the job.

Carol and I became co-Directors of the Summer Programme and were soon introduced to Connie Crukshank, who was at the time, the only staff person at K-W Services. I had my "baptism of fire" about a week later when Connie asked if Carol and I could drive a group in a school bus to a picnic in Guelph. That turned out to be quite the adventure (my first experience in transit for the physically disabled*).

Well the summer came and went with further adventures to Ontario Place, Bronte Creek, the Stratford Festival and I'm sure many more that time has clouded in my mind. In town adventures to Hidden Valley Riding Stables, bowling, swimming, shopping at Fairview Park Mall and I think we even did the "bar scene" a few times. Carol and I drove the drivers and office staff of Project Lift crazy by being late and always changing our pick up times and locations.

The participants involved that summer where (in no particular order): Ron Grant, Noreen Lichty, Lorraine Bauman, Dorothy McTague, Chris Wahl, Sandy Burry, Mary Ciszewski, John Nevard, Nellie Delaney, Mike Hinschberger, Marilyn Sykes, Rheta Austin, Anne Peppler, Pearl Clark, Greg Chris, Jane Harris, Gilbert Fast, Peter Queiser and if I've missed anybody I apologize but that was, dare I say it, thirteen years ago.

When it was all over I didn't go to Teacher's College with my true love, Jane (as a matter of fact I haven't heard or seen of her since) but I did go on to become a ski instructor that winter and was all set to do the summer programme again, but Carol moved to Calgary and the rest is history.

Carol still lives in Calgary and I make a point of seeing her every spring when I go skiing in the mountains. She is married to a great guy named Steve (who incidently once went with the aforementioned Jane); they have two wonderful kids and she teaches special education for the Calgary School Board.

K-W Services for the Physically Disabled or K-W Access-Ability as you are now known started me int o a long career of service to our disabled community over a decade ago. You are now entering your third decade; Project Lift is not far behind. I now have a commitment to Project Lift and I will endeavour to help to keep K-W Access-Ability rolling now and far into the future.

Yours sincerely,

David W. Smith Co-ordinator, Summer Programme 1976

* Dave is now the General Manager of Project Lift.