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History, 1977 - 1979


Chair, 1977 - 1979

K-W Services for the Physically Disabled was at its inception, a unique organization. Certainly other communities had volunteer groups dedicated to assisting disabled people. However I do not recall ever seeing or hearing of any other organization that offered the scope of activities on an ongoing daily basis from fall until spring. Swimming programmes, crafts, pub nights, you name it, K-W Services did it all. The budget was almost non-existent and what there was camme from Federated Appeal.

As with all sucessful ideas, a variety of people made it possible, working together to provide an outlet for fun, companionship and development. In the beginning key figures such as Ric Woods, Connie Cruickshank, Marg Muir and so many others gave form and meaning to a group made up initially of families having children with cerebral palsy. Progressing through the Rotary Centre programme, they found that after reaching their midteens and the end of the Rotary programme, there was no where to go. So it all began, and as positive meaningful things will, under enthusiastic guidance, it grew and succeeded.

Volunteers, helping hands ... these are the keys to success. The agency had them in spades. I'm sure they still do. No words can even express the gratitude of so many to all the wonderful people who gave and gave of themselves to help others grow, develop and taste a bite of life they otherwise would have missed.

During my ten years as Co-Chairman of the Agency, assisted throughout by my wonderful friend, Ric Woods, the Agency went through one of those growing pain periods that are so necessary for any group to succeed. At that time the group was concentrating all of its efforts in the development of a residential facility in the K-W area under the direction of Participation House. While this concept had great appeal and has worked well in other communities such as Brantford, we here in K-W, try as we would, couldn't make all the pieces come together. In the process of trying, too much of our thoughts and resources were being taken away from expanding already successful programmes or starting new ones.

After much discussion, Bruce Lumsden, the immediate past Chairman and one of the main towers of strength in the Agency, established a separate Participation House Group. This took the concept out of the Agency's mandate, so it could be dealt with on an exclusive basis by the new group. At that time, this move was very traumatic and caused a considerable amount of stress. It appeared I am sure, to some members, that we had lost our cause and course. It was not an easy time for the Board or the members.

The regular programmes continued and since we were K-W Services for the Physically Disabled we expanded the word "Disabled" to encompass any and all who would benefit from our activities. This included the blind and people recovering from strokes. We started a teen programme for those young people who recently ended their involvement with the Rotary and who had no where else to go. Again with where else to go. Again with help of many volunteers this programme got off to good start.

As in all things, change created further change. As we expanded our scope of programmes, so the need for staff changed. Connie Cruickshank, that warm and wonderful tower of strength for all of us, had been running the day to day business operation out of her home, but could no longer carry the everyday load by herself (even with her husband, Bob). Help was needed, and so began our full time staff or should I say part time/full time staff due to budget restraints. Somehow money, which was always in short supply, appeared.

Now we have an office, a new name, computers, full time staff, and as always (and I hope forever) volunteers. Need I say more. They have always been the key people helping people achieve dignity, fulfilment and happiness. That's what the Agency has always meant to me. I am proud to have had the opportunity of playing a small part in its growth and development and I thank all those people who have, through their friendship given me back such rich, rewarding memories.

Good luck to you all on this the 20th anniversary of our Agency. My thoughts are with you always.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors from 1977 - 1979
YearBoard Members
1977 - 1978
  • C. G. O'Brian 
  • M. Dykes 
  • W. R. Woods 
  • C. Callas 
  • D. Far well 
  • D. Seller 
  • G. Fast 
  • B. Krueger 
  • C. B. Honest 
  • J. Stuart 
  • B. Evans 
  • A. Pepper 
  • E. Mir 
  • B. A. Lumsden 
  • J. Levy 
1978 - 1979
  • C. G. O'Brian 
  • J. Nevada 
  • W. R. Woods 
  • M. Pal lot 
  • B. A. Lumsden 
  • C. Anderson 
  • B. Evans 
  • J. Bunker 
  • J. Farina 
  • L.Burke 
  • G. Fast 
  • M. Dykes 
  • D. Harris 
  • S. Meadows 
  • F. McIntosh E. Mir 


  • Connie Cruickshank


  • "DESTINATION" - Youth Programme
  • "OUTREACH" - To Community agencies and the media