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Kathy Jull

Chairperson, 1987 - 1989

Being a part of K-W- Access Ability's 20th Anniversary is exciting and encouraging. Looking back, the agency has gone through a very important transformation over the years - from offering recreation programmes to providing a resource centre where people can come to make things happen. I think these changes reflect new feelings in our society. There is no longer any doubt that people with physical disabilities belong as fully participating members of the community.

Now, however, we all face the challenge of making that happen. Certainly increased funding and advances in technology can solve many of the practical difficulties. But people and their attitudes are the real frontier.

K-W Access Ability has an opportunity to play an important leadership role in many ways. Through advocacy we can educate and support. True integration means that the rights of people with physical disabilities to public education and meaningful employment are absolute. Their rights as consumers to options in housing, transportation, recreation and other aspects of daily life must be provided for. Access Ability has recently begun work in the areas of housing and employment. We have also initiated a quality assurance process to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our consumers.

Most important in the future of Access Ability are the people - the Members, the volunteers, the staff and the community. Everyone needs to be able to contribute. We need to work together, with increased commitment and sensitivity, to help each other find what we have to give. Through co-operation and mutual respect we can give real meaning to the principles in our mission statement of equality and self-determination.

I sincerely look forward to being some part of the next 20 years with K-W Access-Ability.


Staff from 1987 - 1989
1987 - 1988
  • Chris Hodnett
  • Ann Broz
  • Kathryn Cowan
  • Jane Carr
  • Kevin Huber
  • Racheal Best
  • A. Bernhardt
1988 - 1989
  • Chris Hodnett
  • Ann Broz
  • Kathryn Cowan
  • Jane Carr
  • Kevin Huber
  • Jennie Grant
  • A. Bernhardt



  • Mission Statement


  • Name Change becomes official
  • Self-Help Employment intiated
  • National Access Awareness Week
  • Housing proposal submitted


  • Drama
  • Self-defence